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“Koye Construction has done several remodeling projects at my house, all of them of top quality, for example: - basement cedar cabinet - basement ceiling (partial) - full bathroom with bathtub, shower, heat and double sink - kitchen with removal of wall, installation of a load-bearing beam and moving a built-in cabinet - new roof on house with gutters and leaders and a new roof on the detached garage - replacing the front door - fixing the poor job done by another contractor. All the work is solid and done in a manner that a person doing their own house would do. The work area is left spotless after the work is done, with nary a stray nail or wood shaving left behind. Ray stands behind his work and will come back unlimited times to repair any work he has done. Fortunately, he has never had to do that at my house. Additionally, Ray treats my house like it were his own and keeps the workspace and any part of the house he has to move through clean and unsullied. If I were to criticize any thing about this contractor it would be that the price is often a bit higher than his competitors, but the work is always impeccable. So you really get what you pay for. If you want it done right the first time and don't want to worry about the quality or integrity of the contractor, this is the place to go with.”

Angie's List Review 2009 ​

“Beautiful job everything was done as it should've been the first time. Very professional and punctual. Only used for exterior of home.”

Angie's List Review 2012 ​

“Ray Koye has been doing my home remodeling projects for 15 years. This time, I asked him for an estimate on replacing our 49-year-old bow window, which was so saggy that anyone looking to buy our house would wonder what else was wrong with it... 3 months later, people walking dogs are still stopping to tell me how good it looks...In the past, Ray has replaced my gutters, windows, porch roof, front door, back door, two bathrooms, and the shower stall in my third bathroom. He's also power-washed my house. His craftsmanship is outstanding”

Angie's List Review 2011

“Overall, every job has gone smoothly with no unpleasant surprises and no issues either performance wise or payment wise.”

Angie's List Review 2011​

“Ray is the most honest and fair contractor I've ever run into. He quoted us a price, then came to us when the job was done and told us we had money left over since one section wasn't as bad as we anticipated. We applied that credit to the other job we asked him to do. His work was impeccable - he draped and taped plastic to keep the dust down, cleaned up after himself each day, and was courteous. To repair the termite damage he had to open up an inside wall, as well as both outside corners of the house. One of those corners had the utility meters and cable lines on it. He was able to remove the siding and any obstacles, repair the damage, and put the siding back. You would never know those corners had been touched! Inside his dry wall and spackling work are clean and smooth. He had to work around our baseboard heaters which he did without damaging them. The chimney repair was extensive due to rot from improper flashing. He cleaned all the bad wood out, replaced it, and finished the roofline to match existing. A different company did the siding, but now the job is done and you can't tell there was ever a chimney there. He also resided and insulated the wall inside. We would hire Ray again in a heartbeat.”

Angie's List Review 2013 ​

“Mr. Koye carefully analyzed the problem (identifying the source of a water leak damaging my ceiling), designed an effective fix and repaired the damage. He was punctual and professional. His price was fair and his work was prompt, thorough and meticulous. He removed all damaged and waste materials, leaving the area spotless. Mr. Koye is a seasoned, knowledgeable professional who pays attention to the details in order to get the job done right. I would definitely hire him again.”

Angie's List Review 2014

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